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A survey was sent out to team members throughout the years to get a feel for why they ride with Circle of Friends. The two biggest reasons people ride with our team is that we take our team motto seriously - "It's more than just a ride" - and that we have a great time as a team. Read on for more reasons why folks ride with us.



I ride to support my wife who has MS. I ride the Bike MS because it's a well run event run by great people. The volunteers at the stops are excellent. You can hook up with other riders during the ride and meet some awesome people.


My daughter has MS. I ride because riding gives my daughter hope. The ride gives me an opportunity to do something for her and others who have been diagnosed while making it possible that future generations will not have to learn what it means to live with this disease.


In 2004, I was looking for an event that would motivate me to do more cycling. I discovered much more than that – I encountered a group, not only motivated to ride but motivated by a much higher purpose. Over the past ten years, I have biked thousands of miles and helped to raise thousands of dollars to fight MS.


Tanya Nordhaus has built a remarkable team, based on her own commitment, her personal challenges, her vitality and positive energy. Team Circle of Friends rolls on – bigger and better every year – driven by her leadership and inspiration.


I ride because I can. So many with MS are unable to perform basic everyday activities. I am one of the lucky ones! I get to have fun while raising funds for my friends and family who are not so fortunate. We ride because we want to find a cure!!!


I first started riding in honor of my Mom who was living with MS.  My first year I was recruited during the ride by some members of Circle of Friends who welcomed me and adopted me as a team member.  I now ride for Tanya, our team captain, who shows incredible strength and determination each year she rides while living with MS. I ride for those living with MS who cannot participate in the hope of finding a cure, and I now ride in memory of my Mom who will still always be with me at the finish line.


Twenty three years ago, the mother of my sister-in-law was diagnosed with MS.  In her honor, I rode my first MS150 with my sister and a good friend.  At first, we rode for fun & fitness. Now, sadly, I ride in honor of three more young women afflicted with MS.  

It was quite by accident that I came to ride for, and become friends with, Tanya Nordhaus.  A colleague of mine convinced me to start riding again once her husband solicited her to join the team. Through conversation about riding, we realized we had mutual friends who rode for Circle of Friends. 

Tanya is surrounded by multiple degrees of friendship, with each of us treated like part of her family.  Seeing Tanya give so much to support the fight against MS inspires me to give more, do more.

I ride in honor of those who have died from this treatable disease, those who still fight, and those newly diagnosed. May the efforts we make today create a brighter future, one where MS is an illness instead of a life sentence.  

I ride for Tanya, Kimberly and Mary.  May your fight stay strong and your determination overcome all obstacles. 

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